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Adjusting My Back At Home To Counteract Sciatica Pain

An Adjustment Technique Taught To Me By a Paratrooper Friend
My friend Mark was a paratrooper. He jumped out of planes, and he and others sometimes jarred their backs when they hit the ground. So back problems were fairly common.  The adjustment he showed me was to bring each knee up to my chest and gently push with the knee down to the opposite side of my body with the hand on the same side as the knee. Often, I would hear a "crack" as I did this. (The "crack" is from air pockets popping - see Spine Universe)  I would do this adjustment for each knee as shown below. Click on Each Image To Enlarge

Bring Knee Up


Push Knee Over


Watch The Video of This

Click on each image to see enlarged view.

Bring 2nd Knee Up

Push 2nd Knee Over

Adjusting To Avoid Aggravation
I found that if I went out jogging with a vertebrae out of place, I would sometimes cause an aggravation resulting in inflammation.  So what I now do is warm up a bit by jogging a quarter mile or so and then do the adjustment before finishing my jog if needed. The adjustment also serves as a nice way to stretch out as well.  This worked well for me but I only do this sparingly. Check with your doctor first to see if this is something you should do.

Self Adjustments Cured Headaches (For Me)
I have found that many of the headaches I used to get in the back of my neck were associated with back problems. After adjusting my back, the headaches would usually go away. Again, check with your doctor or chiropractor first.

Check With Your Physician or Chiropractor About Self Adjustment First!
There are many types of back problems. It is possible that in your case this self-adjustment technique may not be right for you and could even cause damage.

Copyright 2007, Michael Sakowski
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