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Decompression Remedies

Exercises For Decompression
Doctors will often recommend a series of exercises to help with lower back pain.  The knee to chest exercise is usually first on the list. Actually, the self-adjustment technique I use is a version of the knee to chest exercise. The pelvic tilt is also a commonly recommended exercise.  These exercises will not only decompress you spine but they will also help strengthen the muscles needed to keep your back in alignment.

Using The Trueback Device For Decompression
As I got into my later 40's, age seemed to be catching up with me and back problems were persisting somewhat no matter what I tried. As a result I began to rely more and more on pain relievers such as ibuprofen.  One night however I watched an infomercial promoting a device called "Trueback" and a picture of the one I own is shown below:

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The True Back is an arched device one lies on with an open channel down the middle. The device decompresses the spine. My initial suspicion was "Junk" since most TV-infomercial products are either junk or scams. Doing several internet searches in the usual places like The Ripoff Report and a few other places showed no complaints on this product. So I gave this device a try.

The Trueback Worked!
I could be sitting in my chair with back bothering me, lie on the Trueback for a few minutes, and get back in the chair with nearly all pain gone immediately. One Saturday I gave it the acid test:  I spent the day climbing 6 of our apple trees and pruning branches as I usually do each spring. I would jump down from a branch and climb back another. At the end of the day I was exhausted, and my back was really feeling it.  I got on the Trueback and most of the aggravation left me. Also, the next day I did not wake up with the usual headache I would get after a previous day of extensive activity.  All without touching the ibuprofen!  Trueback is available at the Trueback Website for about $80 plus $15 shipping or for as little as about  $50 with Free Shipping at Ebay. There are other products similar to the Trueback in price and function although I have not tried them.  All I know is that the Trueback device worked for me.  A picture of me using this device is shown below:

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I now pack the True Back decompression device along on long car trips. On the last two 5 hour drives (each way), I simply hopped on the Trueback at about the half-way point of my trips and thus was able to completely skip the usual 400-800 mg doses of ibuprofen!  Also read about how I was once again able to drink juice again and get the Vitamin C I needed.

More Advanced Spinal Decompression
There are other advanced decompression methods that utilize some high tech decompression tables like The SpineMed Decompression Table and the Vax-d table . I personally know someone working with the Vax-d table and he claimed they are effective. These methods require visits to a center offering these services and may be quite expensive unless you have good insurance. Talk to your chiropractor or doctor if interested in this type of therapy.

Copyright 2007, Michael Sakowski
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