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Side Benefit of The True Back - Stomach Recovery!

A Back Sufferers Friend (and Enemy) - Ibuprofen
Ibuprofen is a anti-inflammatory, and a good cheap one at that.  It reduces inflammation which in turn reduces pressure placed on nerves.  Thus it reduces sciatica related pain greatly. I was getting in the habit of buying one of those extra large bottles and it seemed to be going empty at a faster and faster rate!

Stomach Problems (and Other Problems)
My stomach started to become more and more sensitive.  As a result, I could only consume about 6 or 8 ounces of juice at a time, provided I was not taking other vitamins or pills.  Too much juice led to painful stomach aches.  As a result, I started avoiding juice (and vitamin pills) altogether.  I started suffering skin problems that I later learned were the result of the lack of Vitamin C.  Any small sores I obtained would never seem to heal. See This Medical Site for a list of Vitamin C benefits.

The Trueback Solved This Dillema
After about 4 months of using the Trueback, my consumption of ibuprofen was close to none at all. Lo and behold, I found I could once again consume a few glasses of juice each day with no stomach ache.  Almost immediately, my skin problems improved greatly!

Copyright 2007, Michael Sakowski
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